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    Beverage barrel made of recycled glass "AUTHENTIC" 6 L|Vidrios San Miguel|Recycled Glass

    Stylish recycled glass drink barrel with design lettering. The barrel is made of thick glass, has a metal lid and a plastic tap in silver design.

    The barrel is perfect for summer parties, weddings, family gatherings, but you can also use it for everyday use at home - it's just perfect for keeping the kids drinking. The barrel is very stable, so it's not easy to knock over.
    If you add berries or citrus fruits and herbs, you'll have an all-day supply of homemade lemonade on hand.

    100% RECYCLED GLASS from Spain. VIDRIOS San Miguel started its journey already in 1985, when the decision was made to produce products only from 100% recycled glass. They have maintained this compromise with the environment and intend to do so in the future. Glass is obtained from glass containers and collected by a specialized company that transports it to a recycling plant. The glass is then selected, treated and then transported to a factory for recycling. Only 100% recycled glass is used without any additives. They comply with all aspects of the Kyoto Protocol and international treaties that oblige all parties to reduce greenhouse gases.
    Design, quality and style. All these sheets can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of quality. Once you buy recycled glass, you are essentially closing the loop. You will get your hands on completely original, imaginative, beautiful and high-quality pieces with which you will equip not only your kitchen, house, apartment or office, but will also be beneficial for the environment.

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    100% RECYKLOVANÉ SKLO • vyráběné ve Španělsku • výroba tohoto recyklovaného skla se datuje již od roku 1985 • díky kombinaci nejmodernějších technologií s tradičním sklářským řemeslem vzniká škála až 25 000 různých tvarů, barev, struktur, povrchových úprav a kombinací materiálů


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    Technical specifications

    Dimensions in cm: 24x23cm; Content: 6L,; Material: recycled glass; Note: dishwasher safe up to 70°C + clean with warm - not boiling water.


    This glass is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and will keep cold in your freezer. However, please be careful of temperature shocks (i.e. immediate transition from cold to hot environment and vice versa - temperature shock of 60°C or more), which irreversibly damage the dishes !!!

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