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    • About us
    • Goose Creek (bezpečné vonné svíčky a vegan kosmetika z Ameriky)

    Goose Creek (bezpečné vonné svíčky a vegan kosmetika z Ameriky)

    Candles with irresistible scents that will scent your whole house.


    Goose Creek Candles. Indescribable scents, incredible variety and premium quality.

    Goose Creek also offer scented waxes for your aroma lamps.
    All the raw materials used are purely natural and essential oil based.

    The two cotton wicks, guarantee a cleaner burning candle and bring more warm light into your home than a single wick candle.
    At the same time, the wax dissolves evenly throughout the burn time, making it a beautiful scent for large spaces.

    Goose Creek, these are scents you'll fall for forever.

    Goose Creek is like no other candle company. When it comes to scents that smell natural, Goose Creek candles beat the competition time and time again. They design and create custom scent formulas for each product to ensure that you get the most authentic aroma from their highly scented candles and air fresheners. Their products include a wide range of popular scents, including floral, fruity and nature-inspired aromas. Goose Creek goes beyond classic scents to deliver complex and unique blends with top, middle and base scents that fill your room quickly and effectively.

    * Aromas for every season: In addition to fragrances inspired by the wonders of nature, we also offer seasonal scents that celebrate time-honoured traditions. These enticing scents evoke such memorable occasions as delicious seasonal treats, enjoyable family holidays at the seaside, or even Christmas and Easter.


    * Safe for Families:When you buy any product from Goose Creek Candle Company, you get a safe, clean product for your home with ingredients that far exceed comparable brands. They never include harmful substances or banned chemicals in their products. All fragrances are IFRA approved and the cotton wicks are completely lead free. The candles are long lasting and burn cleanly to the last bit of wax with no waste. You'll never have to deal with smoky air or black residue on walls and ceilings again. Choose Goose Creek candles and room fresheners and get high quality home fragrance products made in America by a family owned company.


    * Body care products: they are clean, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO and dermatologically tested. Avoid harmful chemicals found in other products. Rest easy knowing that only non-toxic, health-friendly ingredients are used in our body care products.

    * Candles: browse our collection of over 100 highly scented candles. Each candle burns cleanly and evenly all the way to the bottom, providing a strong and long-lasting aroma. You've just found your new favorite brand of candles.

    * Candles for men: let's be honest...not every guy wants his house to smell like flowers. At least not when there are so many badass smelling and good candles for men. Goose Creek offers the best luxury soy wax candles for men on the internet.

    * 3-Wick Candles - 2x The Fragrance - 3-Wick Candles. Experience unique fragrances designed to waft throughout your home. Three wicks ensure a clean, even burn with a strong fragrance

    * Wax Melts: Browse our selection of scented waxes for your aroma lamps. Each melt is designed to quickly fill a large area with fragrance. Forget the flame and enjoy your favorite scents.

    We would like to introduce you to our range of American made candles and waxes from Goose Creek.



    Check out a video of the "behind the scenes" work of the Goose Creek team. Or how they make candles in America that you can have at home! 

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