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    Would you like to add more greenery to your home?


    Having a house full of plants is becoming increasingly popular. Plants are an integral part of the interior, an extension of the garden or even a basic necessity for those without a garden. Our range of windowsill pedestals are an effective and stylish solution to create beautiful living decorations in no time.

    With window/sill flower stands you can:

    * increase the space for greenery in the house, on the window and on the windowsill

    * have a modern (refined) style
    * adjust or rotate the pedestals according to your needs
    * create an urban jungle trend
    * give a beautiful gift directly in the gift box

    Pamper birds and other garden animals with a variety of offerings.


    The Best for Birds and Wild on Wildlife collections offer a variety of foods to attract birds and animals to your garden. Help birds and garden animals to overwinter or support them all year round with a wide range of quality foods. By providing the right food you are helping to maintain the recovery of protected species. Garden animals also often provide natural pest control while enriching your garden.

    The most important parameters of food for garden fauna:
    * 100% natural composition
    * free of toxic substances
    * complete range for the most common European garden birds, butterflies and other wildlife such as squirrels and hedgehogs
    * suitable for all seasons
    * a wide choice of basic, premium and fun options

    It's important to have the right gloves for all your gardening needs.


    We probably don't need to tell you gardening enthusiasts that gardening gloves are very important when gardening. In any case, your safety is crucial to us. In our range you will find comfortable and high-quality gardening gloves that protect you in all kinds of work in and around the garden. Distinguish correctly between types of gloves and their applications. To help you make the right choice of gloves, here are examples of the types of gloves available in different materials, sizes and colours. Ideal for precision pruning of stems to heavy duty work in the garden.

    Types of gloves for your garden work:

    * Protection against cold and damp: If the glove has a thick lining and/or a wrist closure, it will keep out the cold wind and moisture. Ideal for jobs such as clearing wet leaves, winterizing the garden or maintaining gutters and ponds. Pond gloves are completely water repellent so you can dip your hands all the way into the water.
    * Protection against dirt: In fact, all gloves protect against dirt, but gloves with an (elastic) wristband or wrist closure keep sand and pebbles out more reliably. For light or delicate work, simple and flexible gloves are ideal. Gloves with studs or nitrile coating also provide a good grip.
    * Protection against splinters and thorns: Cowhide is truly splinter resistant and is therefore used in all the durable gloves we offer. If you use a leather glove with cuffs, pruning bushes or branches with thorns becomes even safer.
    * Slip protection: gloves with coarse fabric, coating or spikes provide better grip when cutting grass, shoveling, sweeping, raking, digging or moving heavy or slippery objects. Thanks to the grip and perfect fit, blisters are a thing of the past.
    * Plant protection: cotton or nitrile coated gloves are ideal for flower arranging, seed planting, transplanting and cutting. Thanks to the thin and flexible fabric, these gloves provide more feeling in the fingertips, allowing you to work more closely. The gloves also provide more grip, so the plant won't slip out of your hands as easily.

    Decorate the entrance to your home with layered mats


    Doormats are essential in every home and at every front door, especially during the autumn and winter seasons, then doormats really are a blessing. Apart from the practical use of doormats, we often see doorways decorated according to the season. Doormats can also be used to distinguish between the seasons. Layered doormats are a great complement to the standard function of doormats, both practically and design-wise.

    Types of mats:

    * Mats that keep dirt out: A coir mat with a good rubbing or brushing function will thoroughly clean shoes and boots. Often these are the mats you place outside because of their open texture or coarse fiber.

    * Wire mesh mat: This mat comes in handy when your work boots get really dirty, for example. The wire mesh is strong and galvanized (iron coated with a layer of zinc) and is therefore protected against corrosion.

    * The Staple and the Spaghetti? Spaghetti mats: thanks to the open (spaghetti) structure of the mat, water runs off the shoes easily. The mat is suitable for removing coarse dirt from your soles. They are suitable for outdoor use, thanks to the durable PVC material. They are supplied as an assortment of 2 pieces.


    *Rubber pad: rubber pad has good scratch resistant properties and lasts very long. These rubber mats have a trendy design and are very practical to use outdoors in combination with a moisture absorbing mat/mat indoors.

    * Coconut mat: the coconut mat is very strong and this is due to its hard coconut fibers. It is a great choice for indoor use. However, the mat can also be placed outdoors, but preferably under a shelter protected against water run-off. Another advantage is its easy maintenance. Coconut mats are available in different thicknesses and colours.

    * Moisture and dirt absorbing mats: dry run mats, as they are generally called, are suitable for repelling dirt and absorbing moisture. These mats are therefore placed indoors or under shelters. These mats are increasingly becoming an essential part of your home.

    * Photographic matting: these mats, the matting underneath the mats, are photo-printed to give your entrance to your home a colourful and personal charm. In our range you will find a roumanite variety of colors, style of printing of these mats. They are made from recycled rubber granulate and non-woven polyester. This makes the mat resistant to dirt and abrasion and is the perfect mat for dry running.

    *Fun Shaped Mats:The mat does not have to be standard. Let's go easy on it! These mats in a variety of shapes are even great for hanging on the wall as decoration. You can also conveniently place them in your interior design.


    All for a complete barbecue, BBQ or a nice and safe fireside experience.


    For all barbecue lovers, campfire enthusiasts, garden enthusiasts and small and large romantics. Whoever you are, create experiences all year round with Fancy Flames' atmospheric and practical products. Why? The Fancy Flames collection is now even better, even catchier, but most importantly, more complete. With the explosion of new products, Fancy Flames has become a truly impressive collection that makes your eyes cross (and not just at night).

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